Peoples Exhibition

The photographs of the Caribbean were used as part of an oral history project with the Pepper Pot Centre (a centre for elderly Caribbean people in Ladbroke Grove), Kensington and Chelsea Community History Group and Moving Here.

Pepper Pot member looking at imagesA series of workshops were held at the Society where the photographs were used for reminiscence. They were projected onto a screen so that everyone was able to see the images. The original captions and description were read out to the group. Their comments were recorded and formed part of an exhibition at the Society. Their stories are also on the Moving Here website, alongside many other images recording the migration of people to Britain. The group also selected a number of photographs to show to other members at the Pepper Pot Centre in a further workshop.

"We loved our afternoon looking at the photos and the way they were presented. It was nice to have someone telling us about the background and description of the photos and being able to talk about our own memories. It made me look at it more. A much better way than just looking at pictures on a wall." Pepper Pot member

Pepper Pot members outside the exhibition

Cecilia's favourite photo

Pepper Pot members visiting the exhibition

Members of the Pepper Pot Centre visiting the exhibition of photographs The Caribbean in Black and White, 1908-09. To read their comments see Highlights of the Month or the gallery to listen to them talking.

This area is for you to share your creative work. Have you been inspired by the images from the gallery to tell us your own views about the Caribbean or moving to Britain?

Email your contributions to or post them to Unlocking the Archives, Education Officer, RGS-IBG, 1, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR, United Kingdom. Please include your contact details.