Below are some links to websites you may wish to visit as part of the learning activities described within this theme.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Find out more about India and Pakistan from the FCOs country profiles

United Nations Statistics Division
Discover detailed statistics exploring the human and physical geography of India and Pakistan.

National Geographic
Discover detailed maps of territories including the Punjab, suitable for use by teachers.

Historical Association
Advice on teaching emotive and controversial issues

India and Pakistan 07
A BBC portal exploring the history, culture and communities of India and Pakistan

BBC World News
A short video clip giving an overview of the events leading to and the main historical figures involved in the decision to partition India in 1947.

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Image Library
Search through the Societys extensive collection of historical and modern images

BBC News Channel
Maps of India pre and post-partition

Oral History Society
Obtain guidance on conducting oral history interviews