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Below are some interesting links to other Everest themed websites.

Everest History

Timelines and biographies of past summit attempts on Mount Everest

Imaging Everest

An on-line exhibition showing the importance of the landscape and people of the Himalayan region and telling the story of those involved in the first attempts to climb Evrest.

MapZone Homework Help on Glaciation

A multimedia introduction into how glaciers mark our landscape. Animations and a 3-D flythrough bring to life the processes and features of glaciation.

Mountain Forum

A global network of resources and contacts for mountain communities, environments and sustainable development.


Lots of information about Mount Everest, including links to weather records and forecasts

RGS Expedition Advisory Centre

Can offer advice and assistance in planning expeditions, including those to the Everest region.

RGS Picture Library

Information about use of Everest images.

Science Update

News and activities on current issues from the Association of Science Education and the Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University.  Register for activities on Shrinking Everest? - Rocks and weathering.

Tourism Concern

Works with communities in destination countries to reduce social and environmental problems connected to tourism and with the out-going tourism industry in the UK to find ways of improving tourism so that local benefits are increased.