Peoples Exhibition

This area is for you to share your creative work. Have you been inspired by the images from the gallery to tell us your own views or experiences of Afghanistan? Maybe you have produced some creative work of your own, if you have, email your contributions to or post them to Unlocking the Archives, Education Officer, RGS-IBG, 1, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR, United Kingdom. Please remember to include your contact details.


The exhibition 'From Kabul to Kandahar 1833-1933' was developed in partnership with Brondesbury College for Boys (Brent) and the Afghan Association of London (Harrow). Students from the school viewed archive materials from the archive collections and took part in creative workshops with the poet Sundra Lawrence. A small taster of the work produced is shown below.


Pathan man

Pathan Man

As I stand here in this picture, exploring my land, my people, my wealth.
As I stand here in this lifeless place, I am remembering my young days.
I am old now, some say old and wise, but to me, I am just old.
I am a simple Bedouin who became a leader.
In the distance I see children playing as though they were in the gardens of heaven,
but I am then shaken back to reality by the smell of gun powder and sounds of
in the distance.
As I stand here in my rough clothes and gun in hand, I remember the peaceful days.
The days when I was a normal leader with a peaceful country,
the days when I had no fears, no deaths.
I wish it was back to normal. The children playing in the fields, my deceased wife in
my arms and everyone totally carefree.

By Noor, Brondesbury College for Boys