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This is an area for teachers to share ideas and experiences and to inform the development of this site.

How have you used online learning resources with your students? Have you used any of the resources on the site? Did you adapt any of them to suit your class? Are you planning to use these resources for the first time but have some questions?

How have you used online archives for teaching and learning? What types of resources would you like to see on this site?

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using online resources   

claire from oxford :

This site looks really useful. As a PGCE student I am constantly looking for new ideas. I can't afford to buy resources and software packages so anything that is downloadable from the internet has to be a good idea.


I think there's great potential in your resources, especially using the images and the quiz on an interactive whiteboard in the classroom. Looking forward to seeing new stuff!


There are loads of websites now for teachers that unless you have anything different to show us or something that is unique and accessible we won't use it. Its always good when students tell us about some brilliant website they've discovered doing their research!