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This is an area for teachers to share ideas and experiences and to inform the development of this site.

How have you used online learning resources with your students? Have you used any of the resources on the site? Did you adapt any of them to suit your class? Are you planning to use these resources for the first time but have some questions?

How have you used online archives for teaching and learning? What types of resources would you like to see on this site?

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Using images in the classroom   


This site uses many images from our collections in the gallery. Tell us what you think about using visual records with your students - photos, paintings, or drawings. How do you use them and what do you think they add to learning?

SEN Teach:

Hi all, i am presently pulling my hair out trying to find resources on The British Empire for my Year 9 pupils. There is quite abit out there in cyber space, but i teach in a Special Needs School and wonder if anyone has any resources on this topic that they have adapted/differienciated for special needs kids. If so i would be trely greatful.Thank you.


I think using the images on an interactive whiteboard is a great idea and would be happy to share my ideas with you.

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