Photographs from the Society's extensive Islamic collection provide a glimpse of the landscape and culture of Afghanistan, a country which in many ways is still an enigma. With valuable input from members of the Afghan Association of London and Brondesbury College for Boys we have delved behind the headlines to gain a clearer picture of the country, its peoples, customs and history.

Panorama taken from Karez Hill

Afghan Association of London

© B Simpson, 1881

Panorama taken from Karez Hill
embracing Chilzina and the Murcha Pass

© Royal Geographical Society

Members of the Afghan Association
of London

" Whenever I think of Afghanistan, as I do quite often, my mind conjures up before me a picture of a country as I saw it last autumn... a broad stretch of land rises in a gentle slope to meet the hills. Overhead the sky is painted in gorgeous colours by the approaching sunset. In the calm of twilight, the valley, the trees, the distant villages and mountains floating in a sea of hazy mist present a scene of dream like beauty... the hush of the evening is broken by the call to prayer."
Dr Muhammad Iqbal, Afghanistan - A Brief Survey, 1933